About Us


Hall Computer Services (HCS) was founded in Brisbane in 1983 by Gary Hall, and our birth and development mirrors that of the Personal Computer or PC itself.

Since the PC was first launched in the early eighties, it has provided smaller companies with opportunities to increase their efficiencies and capabilities. Hall Computer Services are important part of the ’jigsaw puzzle’ that translates these opportunities into action and success.

Operating from modern premises at Coorparoo, most HCS activities are focussed on providing general solutions and support to small to mid size businesses that have little or no “in house” IT expertise.

We take our role as trusted advisors very seriously, and concentrate on designing, building, and maintaining RELIABLE networks and applications – rather than simply selling boxes. Our unique mix of skills, experience, and genuine attitude gives us a strong edge.

We concentrate on IT – so you can concentrate on core business.

But don’t take our word for it, have a look at what our clients are saying:

“Hall Computer Services started on the journey with Project Support and have grown and supported us as we grew.  We have worked along with Hall Computers for a good many years, in that time we have experienced good quality and friendly service, they are always ready to assist when called upon.  We are glad to have them as our IT Support and would recommend to any Company who requires this service.”


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